Therefore symbol in LaTeX

Posted: 16th August 2009 by Tim in LaTeX
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There is no therefore symbol in the default LaTeX packages. There are (at least) two ways of getting the symbol:

The package amssymb contains the \therefore symbol definition. To use, do something like:

$\therefore 1 \neq 2$

Alternatively, you can create your own therefore definition:


The amssymb therefore has tiny dots, whereas the definition above has large dots. Take your pick.

  1. Zimm says:

    I muddled around with \cdot in the place of \bullet and got a result that I like. If anybody else stumbles across this article, this is what I used:

    \def\therefore{\boldsymbol{\text{ }
    \thinspace\text{ }}}

  2. Steve Thompson says:

    Thanks much. Helped me out of a minor jam there…

  3. Ankush says:

    I have a far more intractable problem: Google Docs. This is how I manage: $.^..$

  4. Taffie says:


    $\therefore$ some text here

    Produces the output desired, with thinner dots. The $ around \therefore denotes that it will be using a math function, similar with $\Theta$

  5. Kang says:

    I’m the beginner and I have problems in this, solved it with your help. Thanks