KDE Message Box Popup in Bash

Posted: 8th November 2009 by Tim in Bash, KDE, Ubuntu
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If you’re writing a bash script which may take a while to finish, such as a backup script, it’s often useful to have a popup notifying of the completion of the script. This can be done with the kdialog tool.

There are a bunch of options for this tool (run kdialog --help-all for details. For something like a notification popup, do something like the following:

kdialog --caption "Backup Manager" --title "Backup Complete" --msgbox "Backup finished successfully"

  1. Thanks for the neat tip — that tool’s been there quite a while, and I’ve been using KDE for over 8 years now. You can always learn something new!

    I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll write a simple script in (gasp!) tcsh. And /bin/sh is now a link for dash, rather than bash in Kubuntu. But it sounds as if this should work in most shells — I’ll have to try it.

    Thanks again!