Some mail servers require you to connect on a certain port. Evolution (the default mail client for the gnome desktop environment) doesn’t have a setting for the server port number. You can set this by adding :[port_no] to the end of the server address.

For example, to use the mail server on port 587, set the server path as

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  2. Andrew P. says:

    Thanks for the tip. This is another idiotic, myopic “feature” in GNOME. The designers of Netscape/Mozilla/SeaMonkey and Thunderbird had the ability to set a non-standard SMTP port as an EXPLICIT feature in the setup dialog since the first Netscape Suite appeared in 1995. Somehow, the Linux people, living in their ghetto, never got the memo.

  3. Jamie Warren says:

    You don’t understand Andrew. This is Linux. We have rearranged the keys on the piano and placed them in archaic orders utilized by 96-baud thermal-printer output terminals that were ‘sooo kewl’. Nevermind you have to waste hours and hours, every month, because ‘alt-e-f’ doesn’t ‘find’ , or dozens of tasks require editing text-config files because no one has ‘gotten around’ to writing an front-end – tasks even the pathetic MS crew had fixed by 1995. Linux desktops have transparency and mysterious new ways of hiding how to ‘actually get things done’ so you can spend more time appreciating all the pointless rearrangements. This is what matters – that our users become ‘OS-Gurus’ – not basic functionality like ‘stable drivers’ and consistency with known standards..