Pausing processes in ubuntu

Posted: 6th June 2010 by Tim in Ubuntu
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There are times when you want to pause a process and continue it later. For example, when a process is using all the computer’s resources and you need to access something or execute something else. This can all be done via the kill -STOP and kill -CONT commands.

First you need to grap the pid (process ID) of the process which you want to pause. You can do this using ps aux, or top (or a bunch of other means). Once you have the pid (12345, for example), pause the process by typing:

kill -STOP 12345

You can then resume the process at any time after that by typing:

kill -CONT 12345

(be sure to replace 12345 with the actual pid)

It’s that easy.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Would it be possible to do something like this from the main window of an application? (in Ubuntu or any Linux distro?) That would seem like a very cool and useful button to add to the existing ‘close, ‘minimise’, and ‘maximise’ buttons.