Latex allows the creation of itemized (unordered) lists up to four deep. The numbering styles for each depth can be styled to suit your needs using the \renewcommand{label}{style} command, where label is the list depth being styled and style is how you want that number to be shown.

label may be any of the following:

  • \labelitemi: first level
  • \labelitemii: second level
  • \labelitemiii: third level
  • \labelitemiv: fourth level

style may be any character or combination of characters, including math characters. So if we want top level items to have square bullets, then we would style the list like so:


This would be added to the top of the document, before \begin{document}.

  1. Phiri says:

    Thank you for this… first reliable search result I got when I googled up how to change items to squares.