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Fetch more depth in a shallow git clone

Posted: 6th May 2015 by Tim in Git
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If you’ve made a shallow clone of a repository but suddenly find yourself needing more history, you can fetch this history using one of these two commands: All history: git fetch –unshallow Only the last 123 updates: git fetch –depth=123 For the second command, 123 can be replaced with any number. If the depth requested […]

Removing Git Tags

Posted: 26th March 2015 by Tim in Git
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If you’ve accidentally added a git tag, or if you want to remove old tags, these tags can be removed with the following three commands: git tag -d <my_tag> git push origin :<my_tag> git push –tags For example, if you want to remove the tag bad_tag, you would use these commands: git tag -d bad_tag […]

CVS is annoying in that if you want to find out which files have been modified or need updating, you can’t simply use the cvs status command as there’s too much information displayed. In order to make it useful, you really need to filter the output. Note: the following tutorial only works for linux computers […]

There is no way to delete a folder in CVS like you can with files. The directories must be kept so that the versioning information relating to the files which used to be in the repository can still be used (ie: you can revert back to a revision when the files still existed). The only […]