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Fetch more depth in a shallow git clone

Posted: 6th May 2015 by Tim in Git
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If you’ve made a shallow clone of a repository but suddenly find yourself needing more history, you can fetch this history using one of these two commands: All history: git fetch –unshallow Only the last 123 updates: git fetch –depth=123 For the second command, 123 can be replaced with any number. If the depth requested […]

Removing Git Tags

Posted: 26th March 2015 by Tim in Git
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If you’ve accidentally added a git tag, or if you want to remove old tags, these tags can be removed with the following three commands: git tag -d <my_tag> git push origin :<my_tag> git push –tags For example, if you want to remove the tag bad_tag, you would use these commands: git tag -d bad_tag […]