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If you think you’re debian install starts up too slowly, there’s a very easy way to speed it up: simply add this line to /etc/default/rcS: CONCURRENCY=shell If the file already contains CONCURRENCY=none then replace this line with the line above. This will make the startup scripts run in parallel where possible. Note: may break things […]

Annoyingly, numlock is not turned on by default in Debian or Fedora. Thankfully, the fix is simple. Firstly, install the numlockx program. This is a simple command line tool which can turn numlock on or off: Debian: apt-get install numlockx Fedora: yum install numlockx Next, add this to one of the startup scripts. I like […]

Let’s be honest – the operating system provided by Asus on the eee PC 701 is a bit rubbish. Sure, the games are fun, but for people like me who like to do ‘advanced’ stuff like using a terminal it just doesn’t cut it. Solution: eeebuntu. Eeebuntu is basically ubuntu (with gnome) which has been […]