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When writing a math definition of a function, for example, the function may have different results depending on the value of the inputs. These are called cases and are grouped together with a large left curly brace. If you’re trying to typeset this in LaTeX, the cases environment makes this nice and easy. It’s easiest […]

If you want to include a glossary, definitions or some other descriptive list in your LaTeX document, you can make use of the description list type. This is a lot like the other list types except that \item can take an argument, the item `name’, in square brackets (ie: \item[Tim Murphy] Author of In […]

3G terminology – FDD and TDD

Posted: 9th July 2009 by Tim in Uncategorized
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FDD, in 3G terms, stands for Frequency Division Duplex. Basically, it separates uplink and downlink traffic by placing them at different frequency channels. TDD stands for Time Division Duplex. This separates the uplink and downlink traffic by sending them at different times. Why it is so difficult to find these definitions on the web, I’ll […]