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Imagine you have two text files, one with a list of names and another with a list of birth dates, which each name corresponding to the date of birth on the same line number in the other file, like so: names.txt Anthony Kiedis Flea Chad Smith John Frusciante dob.txt 1-Nov-1962 16-Oct-1962 25-Oct-1961 5-Mar-1970 You would […]

Bash Wildcards

Posted: 8th November 2010 by Tim in Bash
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There are lots crazy things you can do with bash. Some of the more useful of these are the bash wildcards. This post will explore the *, ?, {…}, […] and [!…] wildcards. For the examples below, we will demonstrate wildcard usage with the ls command, and assume that the current directory has the following […]

There is no way to delete a folder in CVS like you can with files. The directories must be kept so that the versioning information relating to the files which used to be in the repository can still be used (ie: you can revert back to a revision when the files still existed). The only […]