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Bash gotcha: function variable scope

Posted: 11th October 2015 by Tim in Bash, Linux
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Consider the following bash script: #!/usr/bin/env bash function myFunc {     myvar=123     echo “myFunc: setting myvar=$myvar” } myvar=1 echo “before myFunc: myvar=$myvar” myFunc echo “after myFunc: myvar=$myvar” The code here is fairly simple – we set a variable myvar, call a function and print the value of myvar to the terminal. However, even though we don’t […]

The following calculations have been sourced from the Navit Project source code, released under the GNU General Public License version 2. To convert latitude and longitude into UTM X and Y coordinates, we can simply perform two calculations (lat is latitude and lon is longitude): x = lon × 6371000.0 × pi รท 180 y […]