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The lattice multiplication method is a way of multiplying two numbers in a simple, concise form. It works a lot like the traditional method taught in schools but can be easier and faster for multiplying large numbers. Let’s go through it step by step, using the example of 64 x 17: 1) Draw a box, […]

Adding gridlines to GNUPlot

Posted: 27th July 2012 by Tim in Gnuplot
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Some graphs are easier to read when they have gridlines. These are very easy to add in gnuplot by defining something like this: set grid ytics lt 0 lw 1 lc rgb “#bbbbbb” set grid xtics lt 0 lw 1 lc rgb “#bbbbbb” Where: lt means line type (0 for dashed line, 1 for solid […]

LaTeX has the ability to draw images out of the box. The drawing functionality is pretty basic — lines, circles, boxes and the like — but perfect for most simple diagrams. This tutorial will be split into three sections: configuring the environment, different ways of drawing shapes, and a description of the shapes themselves. Configuring […]