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Mounting ISO files in Linux

Posted: 24th April 2010 by Tim in Ubuntu
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One of the niceties of linux distros like Ubuntu is that you can ‘mount’ ISO files. An ISO file, or ISO image, is an archive of a CD or DVD. By mounting an ISO file, you can read the data as though you inserted the CD into your computer. Ubuntu will even regard it as […]

Rotating images in LaTeX

Posted: 19th March 2010 by Tim in LaTeX
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Sometimes you want to display an image sideways if, for example, it’s wider than it is tall. Or sometimes you just want to show images at funny angles. Each to their own. In LaTeX, you can add parameters to the \includegraphics call (See this post on LaTeX figures to see how to add the images). […]

Placing borders around figures in LaTeX

Posted: 24th October 2009 by Tim in LaTeX
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If you’re displaying a figure of pseudo-code or anything else which may blend into the text of your document, you will probably want to place a border around it to separate it. This may be done using the \fbox{} and minipage commands. In short, you’re putting the figure in a minipage and placing a border […]

LaTeX Figures

Posted: 13th August 2009 by Tim in LaTeX
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Adding figures to LaTeX documents is quite simple. Like tables, figures can be added to the List of Figures automatically. Images need to be converted into encapsulated post script (eps) in order to be added to the document (other file types may be used with the inclusion of some external packages, which won’t be covered […]

Adding an image to a 2D OpenGL screen may seem like a relatively simple task, but it’s not. OpenGL is a rendering language, and as such has no native support for loading JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP or any other popular image type. If, like me, you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get […]