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When using kanji in a document which is non-standard or rare, it is common for hiragana or katakana characters to be printed above (or beside for vertical text) the kanji to aid pronunciation. This is also common in children’s books and other Japanese learning material. This post explains how to do that using LaTeX. This […]

Japanese characters in HTML

Posted: 14th October 2012 by Tim in HTML, Japanese
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Say you’re working on an English website and you would like to add some Japanese characters to it, but when you add them all you see is a bunch of queston marks or other strange characters. You probably don’t want to mess with the character encoding just to get a few symbols to show. One […]

Japanese, like many other Asian languages, is written using a variety of symbols which are not found in the standard ASCII table. Fortunately, you can include these symbols in LaTeX documents using the CJK package. In ubuntu this can be installed via the sudo apt-get install latex-cjk-japanese command. I’m not sure about Windows, Mac or […]