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This tutorial is for those who have gone through the first tutorial. Here we will cover new lines and paragraphs, comments, font decoration (bold, italic and underline) and sections. Fun. New lines and paragraphs First we will look at paragraphs. In LaTeX, having a new line in your .tex file (which we will refer to […]

Indenting a block of text in LaTeX

Posted: 15th August 2009 by Tim in LaTeX
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To indent a block of text, you can use the \addtolength{length_variable}{length} command. For this task, we need to add to the \leftskip value for the block of text. For example, to indent a block of text by 5mm we would do the following: {\addtolength{\leftskip}{5mm} …indented text here… }

Removing Paragraph Indenting in LaTeX

Posted: 5th July 2009 by Tim in LaTeX
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This may seem like a simple request, but I don’t want the first line of each paragraph in my LaTeX documents to be indented. I was surprised to find that I needed to traverse a page and a half of google search results to find the answer. So here it is. LaTeX will classify anything […]