Things to do before 24

By Tim
  1. Complete a Triathlon – Completed 24/02/2011
  2. Visit Heathrow Airport – Completed 02/08/2010
  3. Visit LAX Late 13/01/2014
  4. Get a plane license
  5. Get a truck license (Got learner license 24/09/2009)
  6. Invest $5000 in the stock market Late 27/11/2012
  7. Visit Greenland (or similar) to experience 24/7 sunshine/sunset
  8. Experience extreme cold of around -40°C Late -31°C in Toronto, Canada 07/01/2014
  9. Run 3km in 11 minutes or less (best before 24: 11:04) Late 08/01/2012 in 10:38
  10. Play Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag on piano (Can play ~60%)
  11. Play Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge on guitar (Can play ~30%)
  12. Attend a life drawing class
  13. Watch all of the Godfather movies in one sitting
  14. Swim 500m without stopping Completed 17/09/2009
  15. Drive a car or motorbike around a race track
  16. Finish a uni degree or, if double degreeing, be in the final year – Completed 16/07/2010
  17. Attend a woodworking class
  18. Ride a push bike from Conder to the ANU Completed 30/01/2010
  19. Run 12km in less than an hourCompleted 10/12/2008 in 55:24
  20. Complete a defensive driving course
  21. Finish a marathon – Completed 19/04/2009 in 4:49:15
  1. Ali says:

    You’ve forgotten to cross one off. You’ve officially done number 16. 😀

  2. Tim Murphy says:

    Cool name!

  3. Briely says:

    When’s your birthday? May… something? You’d better get cracking my boy. Number 2 is cool. I’m surprised you haven’t done 6.

  4. Tim says:

    May 4, 2011. About two weeks away. Looks like I’ll miss out on a few of them.

  5. Ras. says:

    Congrats boy. Don’t worry about the missed items on your list. You can just change this to a “before 34” list now. All the “rapture” people do it, too. 😉 Some of those goals are not gonna get any easier (say 3k in 11m flat) though!

    Good luck.

  6. Aravind says:

    Nice list. Good luck Tim!!!

  7. Tanz says:

    Great list! #4 is my favourite.

  8. fred gannett says:

    Hi Tim,
    Reviewed the list, there is a lot of you doing stuff for for you. What are you doing for everyone else on this planet ? Hows about getting some real enlightenment along life’s journey ?
    Here are some suggestions :
    * Raise a $1000 for a charity.
    * Attend a church/temple/mosque service for a religion that’s not your own.
    * Live for a week spending less than $10 a day.
    * Listen to an old persons tale.
    Cheers Gannett

  9. Miaolei says:

    Great work! No.1 is my fav. I hope you keep it updated!
    Besides, this list inspired me to make one of my own!

  10. adf says:

    This list is so boring: investing 5000 dollar on the stock market. Man you have missed your youth, poor nerd

  11. Bradley says:

    🙂 this is awesome…. I want to complete an offensive driving class 🙂 right after I finisg writing som pthreads.

  12. KinGover says:

    Cool Blog !

  13. fei says:

    A bucket list for life .
    It is interesting, and I will such a list of my own.